Pointe Shoes

We fit pointe shoes for many schools across west Yorkshire, Lancashire and North Yorkshire Borders 

 We do not sell Pointe shoes online due to the risk of injury and long term health issues that can arise from poor fitting shoes. 

We advise that all shoes are fitted where possible 

 We have two professionally trained fitters in store both of whom are enhanced DBS checked 

When can I get pointe shoes?

  • There is no set age for Pointe shoes or grade however We will only fit if your dance teacher has agreed that you are ready, 
  • Our fittings are not guaranteed to send you out with a pair of shoes we advise that the fitting appointment is an assessment to see if you are ready. 
  • The most common reasons for not getting fit at teh appointment is that there are issues with muscle imbalance, joints, technique, strength, previous injury or simply not emotionally not ready 

What happens if I am assessed and the fitter thinks i am not ready?

  • We may need to order specific shoes in for you therefore you would need to return upon their arrival
  • We will have a discussion with yourself and parent with regards to what the issues are and what needs to be improved, what the risks are if shoes are purchased and worn without the improvements and a plan will be agreed to come back after either completing a short exercise plan or working with medical professionals. 
  • if parents and students insist on taking the shoes we will hold an agreement that this was the case against advice,  
  • Dancing en pointe when not ready can cause long term issues in all joints from Toeas to the back, these may not be noticed until adult life. 

What happens at the fitting?

  • We take a few details
  • you will need short nails
  • We may ask you to wipe your feet 
  • We will assess your strength alignment, physical ability emotional and physical development. 
  • We will have a selection of shoes to try 
  • We will go through numerous exercises from seated to standing on the flat then rising at the Barre
  • Throughout this session we will observe the anatomy of the dancer to identify the workings of the muscles and tendons, 
  • We will observe the shoes and if they fit correctly in length width shape and strength 
  • We will ask you to stand in differing positions and explain throughout the reasons for this. 
  • From time to time the fitter may touch your feet or ankles and heels but  you will be notified of this before hand.
  • I will contact the dance teacher and explain my findings and discuss with them what plan of action they agree should be taken 

How long does it take?

  • The fittings generally take approximately 1 hr
  • I have worked with students who are ASD or have sensory disorders so time will be extended for these. sometimes the younger dancer who has less emotional understanding may take a little longer too. 

I have already had a fitting a year ago and my feet are the same size why do i need to come for a fitting again? 

  •  You need a fitting each time you buy pointe shoes as they are a safety tool for your dancing. 
  • Over the months of dance your feet may not grow but your muscle tones may change, this in turn changing the shape of the foot and possible change in the model of shoes needed or width of the shoe. 
  • There may be some anatomy issues starting that have not been noticed due to dance teachers not having the ability to closely monitor every single student every minute of class. we may pick up on these during the fitting and offer support to avoid any injury or worsening of the issue simple things such as bunions. 

My friend has the same size pointe shoes as me but only worn them twice, its ok to buy them off her isn't it? 

 We would advise seriously against this, they may have worn them twice but if she has worked in them or even worn them walking around the house and not for lesson they will have started to break down and mould to her feet, she may have the same size but slightly different muscle tones which the shoes will fit to, these shoes therefore are no longer the same size and shape as yours. 

I bought a pair of shoes from the shop but then ordered some off ebay, they are the same size and was only fit last week so why don't they fit? 

 Many of the pointe shoes are hand made by individual cobblers, each maker will make slightly different shoes. 

We have had two of the same size shoes in stock and both have fit totally different. 

If you have further questions please get in touch.

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