About Us

Who we are:

  • We are a family run business for families.
  • We have a play corner where siblings can entertain themselves while your dancers are fitted, we don’t mind a little mess or noise, (children will be children.)
  • We treat each customer as an individual and ensure each visit to our online store or our Bradford dance store is a positive and relaxed experience,
  • Everyone is welcome at Beatz n Pointe, 

This year we are introducing DBS checks (police checks) for all our staff who have close contact with your children (ie pointe fitting/costume alterations), giving you reassurance as there is nothing more important than your children’s safety.

Our team have a wealth of knowledge to share due to the combination of the above and having;

  • Experience of the dance industry for over 20 years,
  • Dance teacher training through ISTD,
  • Working with children for over 25 years, including learning difficulties and disabilities.
  • Having child development knowledge
  • Child protection training
  • Pointe fitters are retrained every 18 mth to 2 years, by independent training facilitators, ensuring our fittings are to a very high standard.

After experience of competitions and classes through my childhood, then passing this love to my daughter who moved on to pursue her dance career in 2016, I moved on to help and support different schools in the local communities along with this and then a local dance shop closing I agreed to open beatz n pointe up to the dance community and have never looked back, I love seeing those smiles from both adults and children. 

In December 2018 Beatz n Pointe unexpectedly grew by making the purchase of Angel dance wear. we look forward to welcoming new customers who are looking for that something special for auditions and workshops.